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    Sloshing simulation

    Masoud Parand


      This is urgent. Please help. My manager has asked me to perform simulation for sloshing in a fluid tank while braking and turning. Is there an addon for doing this in SolidWorks or we have to buy another software?

      If it is possible to do this in SolidWorks, please guide me how to start.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Bill McEachern

          No. This stuff is complicated. Your manager needs to give his head a shake. There are programs that can handle this but they tend to expensive. Do you just want the loads or the all singing all dancing fluid structure interaction? If the former you could get buy with a fluid code such as Flow3D. If the later you need an ALE code like DYTRAN. You might be better off subcontracting the job. If that ends up being the case drop me a note and I can get it done for you.