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bom screwup

Question asked by Ivan McNelly on Apr 18, 2013

when updating to 2012 we noticed that solidworks built in bill of materials had stopped properly sorting fields that had spaces added before field entry in properties of parts and assemblies.

Terse requests to Modern tech mech in knoxville yeilded a decent response from solid works to fix.  Finally was fixed.  2013 comes along and same issue arises.  Will the company ever fixe this permanently or are we doomed to repeat every year having to wait to use our new expensive updates until it is fixed again.  Anyone else having this issue.  We have 10 years of projects that work with this sorting method.  Xcell works this way also, which is why I called it properly done earlier.  When you fill a certain field in properties box and start with a certain number of spaces before actual description the spaces take priority in sorting in bill of material.  By placing 2 spaces before assembly description and 1 space before parts description sorting will nicely (or used too) produce assemblies first in bom then parts then all other items with no spaces before description.  3.5 months after receiving updates still cannot implement 2013 due to this consistent oversight.