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Weldments. Trimming issue

Question asked by Mihhail Koltsov on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by Roy Potter

Hi Gurus!

I do use the weldments to design the frame of aluminium extrusions. The brackets that connect extrusions in the corners require some gaps for frame beams. I would like to have similar gaps with offsets in both directions in the corner as I got for corner with vertical beam, please see attached sketch for clarity. However in trimming manager doesn't allow me to set the needed distance. Option to set the clearance is ticked but input line for gap value is still greyed out. Can you please advice what I do wrong here and how to solve that? I scrolled discussions in "weldments" section and tried to get some clues from youtube good fellows but didn't fine the solution.


Many thanks to one who would help to solve that puzzle..