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Copy Design Library components to Project Folder

Question asked by Sean Riker on Apr 18, 2013
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I've set up a Design Library folder with standard tooling components that we have on hand.


Now that I am finished with the design phase of a large fixture I would like to include views of the components on the assembly drawings for easy identification. Is there an easy way to copy all the components referenced by this assembly to the local project folder where my assembly already resides? I'm not talking about a pack-and-go, because a great deal of components are already in the same folder as the assembly.


Opening all of the referenced Design Library components and saving them to the project folder is going to be very tedious and time consuming with the amount of components I've used.


Anything either in SolidWorks or SolidWorks Explorer that I'm not seeing?


(Any manipulator keys, i.e. Ctrl, Shift, etc. when I'm dragging in the components from the Design Library would also be helpful for the next project...)