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Mesh Failure Diagnostic screen shows no info after mesh fails

Question asked by Joseph Sizemore on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by Jared Conway

I'm encountering a new (to me) error:  I've got a large assembly I'm preparing to run a frequency study on, and when I try to create a mesh the mesh process ends very quickly and I get the window where I can press Failure Diagnostics to open the Mesh Failure Diagnostics window.  When I open the mesh failure diagnostic window there are no parts listed in error. 


When this first started happening, I simply turned all my mesh controls off and tried to start meshing from scratch.  This allowed me to see the 14 parts that failed to mesh.  So, I started applying mesh controls and/or closing gaps between these parts (all of which have been recently bonded to other parts in lieu of springs) one-at-a-time.  At this point, when I remesh I go back to the same problem as before: no parts listed in the mesh failure diagnostics box when I open it, so I have no idea if my changes are helping or not.  I realize there's probably some gaps to close, but what benefit is the diagnostic helper feature if it doesn't provide you any details on what parts are failing?  My only method at the moment is to suppress all my mesh controls and remesh from scratch to see a list of problem parts. 


Has anyone encountered this problem?  (Empty mesh diagnostics list)


I've been advised not to use incompatible mesh, as doing so causes a loss in accuracy with respect to stress results (which is what I'm ultimately interested in).  Is that true?