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    Sheet Specific Properties

    James Elston

      I am looking for a way to make a drawing property sheet specific so that i may more effectively use the custom property editor.



      I have a assembly with several different components (weldment, valve assembly, junction box, etc). I want to add them all to the same drawing but separate tabs (tab 1 = frame weldment, tab 2 = valve assembly, tab 3 = junction box, etc). The way i have my formats set up is the first drawing number that i assign is used on all sheets. I want to sheet up the "drawing number" property so that is sheet specific. I'm imagining that it would be something like $PRP:"ProjectNumber"@$PRP:"SW-Current Sheet(Current Sheet)". Anybody have any input?

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          Mike Pogue

          You could add a (configuration specific, if necessary)  'drawing number' property to the model file. Then set the drawing number on the sheet format to

          $PRPSHEET:{drawing number}.


          $PRP:{drawing number} picks up the custom properties of the drawing

          $PRPSHEET:{drawing number} picks up the custom properties of the first model inserted to the sheet

          $PRPVIEW:{drawing number} picks up the custom properties of the view that teh note is attached to


          Side note: I think, to the greatest extent possible, the best practice is: one model file <--> one drawing file <-->one drawing number.

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            John Burrill

            Maybe you could do something with the sheet name itself since that can be linked to a note in your titleblock.

            If you want the information to come from the properties of the subassembly you're using then you can insert a view of that subassembly to drive the titleblock information.

            If you want to have some of the title block information driven by project properties as they apply to a subassembly and have other driven by the general assembly, then make configurations of your assembly, isolating the subassembly you want each to show and add configuration specific properties to override attributes in your titleblock.

            Solidworks doesn't store custom properties for drawing sheets except for a couple of pre-defined properties.

            Such is the situation inwhich you find yourself.

            Good luck


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              Babu Rao Khamithkar

              dear James Elston


              I know one way of doing this, just take different sheet formats save in your liberary,

              I mean add your text and link to the coustom properties, make sure that coustom properties should be different for different sheets,

              example if save sheet format-1 with coustom propertie part number-1,


              sheet format-2 with coustom propertie part number-2,

              sheet format-3 with coustom propertie part number-3,

              and so on.


              now when your doing actually darwing select different sheet formats for different sheet, and update or enter all costom properties to sheet formats.


              just try..



              Babu Rao K

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                Daen Hendrickson

                On each sheet, you can specify which drawing view drives your custom properties for that sheet. See the attached image.


                So your first sheet would have drawing number 123456 derived from the Default view of the placed assembly. Your second sheet would have drawing number 567890 by editing its Sheet Properties and changing the "Use custom property values from model shown in:" drop down to the view of your valve part.


                Sheet Props.JPG


                That said, I think this practice will turn into a can or worms.


                Lets take your assembly example:


                Page 1     Assemlbly         123456

                Page 2     Weldment          234567

                Page 3     Valve                   345678

                Page 4     Junction Box     456789


                You would end up with Drawing 345678, Page 3 of 4. Yet pages 1, 2, and 4 of drawing 345678 do not exist. Additionally, Drawing 345678 would be saved in file 123456.slddrw. Tracking down what drawing file contains your drawing sheet will add significant non-value added work. Next, large multi-page multi-reference drawings in SW tend to really bog down the machine. Finally, if you ever reuse any parts - such as your valve - in another assembly do you supply the drawing for Assembly 123456 to detail Valve 345678 for new assembly 987654? Or do you perform the redundant work of redrawing a new sheet in the new assembly drawing for the same valve? And when that valve becomes obsolete and you have redrawn it in 50 assembly drawings how do you update?


                Sounds like you may have considered these issues, but it might be worth your time to present them to your powers to ensure they too have considered them.



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                  Matthew Lorono

                  There is likely an enhancement request for this capability in our Enhancement Request database.  Please feel free to formally add your vote to it.