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Fastener Assembly

Question asked by Rajiv R. on Apr 18, 2013
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I'm here with an another expectation on toolbox.


Is it possible to add a "set of fasteners" in an assembly for any mounting holes..?


For example, I have 2 parts getting assembled wherein I have clearance holes in both the parts. So I need to add the screw first, than the nut. in somecases if I need to add a washer again I have to add that. so I need to go to toolbox and browse 3 times for each item and add all these fasteners one by one. This is what typically we do right now.


My question is, why can't we add all these 3 items in one short? which will save our time. However all the 3 items will have same sizes(like M6, M8 etc). I know this is possible when I use "Smart Fasteners" but since it has a bug I can't use it. If it is possible in smart fastener then it might be possible when adding the fasteners individually too.


Is it possible in solidworks?


The background of my question is like this.

I'm working in UG wherein I have observed a option as "add fastener assembly". when I use this to add fasteners I can choose the set of fasteners to be added to a particular mating holes. If I click on this option, it will ask me to select the hole and it will detect the size and ask me to configure the fasteners to be added like screws, washers, nuts etc. Once I say ok all these fasteners will be added to a hole with constraints. So I no need to add these items one by one.


Any information on this would be of great help.