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    FSAE Chassis simulation

    Ross Taylor


      I am Currently designing a chassis for the formula student competition. Once the chassis is put into simulation and meshed, tubes dissapear as shown in attched word document. Would there be any reasons for this?? I have followed tutorials on youtube but it still doesent work. The chassis file has been attached.

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          Jared Conway

          looks like there are some issues with the model

          in 2013 sp2.0 I updated the cut list in solidworks

          updated the joints and then attempted to mesh, i got a mesh failure

          when i start digging into your model, you have a bunch of bad trims

          take al ook at custlist item20(1)


          for first steps with your model, you guys might want to remove the trims, just have the tubes come into the nodes and run the analysis if you want to take into account how you've mitered/joined the tubes, you're going to have to go to shells anyways.