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Linux access to data on EPDM server

Question asked by David Annett on Apr 18, 2013
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  Our company recently deployed an EPDM server which is fine for our mechanical cad guys.  They have also decided use that server also store our non-Solidworks IP.  I do embedded software development using Linux and save my data in my own server using software industry standard version control systems such as Subversion and Mercurial.  At the time of releases I forward the software to a Windows user to push to the EPDM server.


The problem is they have now decided to make our normal file server read only, making the EPDM server the only place accessible for file sharing.  This causes me problems accessing the PDFs of the PCB schematics and layout, and also the A/V media files I need.


So my question is what is the best way access the information from the EPDM server using Linux?

  1. I assume there is no native Linux client?
  2. Can the EPDM server be configured to periodically push a read only snap shot to a Windows file share?
  3. Does the EPDM server support read only browsing of files using a web browser?  This would have the added bonus that our wiki could link to live files.  We currently use this feature with Subversion to give non-programmmers easy access to the most recent software via the wiki.

My fall back position is to install Windows in a VM but that is an ugly way to do things.  I'm open to better suggestions.