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    Mass units of measure on drawing sheet

    Kevin Godfrey

      Is there a way that I can get the units of measure for a model onto a drawing sheet? I need to have a note in my title block showing model weight, including the units, i.e 1260g or 24kg.


      At the moment I have an equation in the model that rounds off the mass, and returns a value in the model units like this: "Total mass" = "Round("SW-Mass"). And I also have a custom property called 'Weight" with this expression: "Total mass@Assembly.SLDASM" that returns the rounded mass


      Is there a custom property that shows units for mass?




      Kevin Godfrey

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          Robert Dilgard

          I have been hoping for SolidWorks to add this feature for several years; unfortunately we have yet to find a way to link the unit of mass to a custom property or just displayed inside the "SW-Mass" value.  There are two relevant SPR for this issue:


          SPR # 596405      "allow for the display of Dual units for mass properties"

          SPR # 601020     "Add units to the display of the weight/mass value in the custom property tab."