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3d Hole wizard problems.

Question asked by Derrick Green on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Hey everyone, first post here! I'm not entirely new to solidworks, but I never had any formal training till I took the Fisher/uni basics class a while back.


Anyway, I'm having a small problem. I'm trying to place three holes on the outside surface of a hollow cyllinder. These holes are offset 120 degrees from each other, equally spaced. I made refrence plane to make a refrence sketch for the hole locations. When I go into hole wizard and try and place my points for hole centers the preview looks perfect, but once I actually place the point the hole goes rouge and takes off in the wrong direction.


This picture explains it better than I can. The prieview with the hole going towards the center of the part is right, and that's what shows when I hover a point over the proper location. As soon as I place the point, the hole goes the wrong direction.




If I don't place the points on the refrence sketch I made to locate the holes they work as they should. It's only when I try and put them where they actually need to be that things go wrong. That sketch is somewhat hard to see in this picture. It's basically just construction lines coming from the center of the bore, coinsident with the round outer surface. Dimensioned to be 120 degrees apart. 


Any ideas?


Thanks for looking!