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Derived configuration equation not evaluated

Question asked by Asdf Aawer on Apr 17, 2013

I am having a problem integrating configurations and design tables. Equations are not updating as I would expect. I have boiled it down to a really simple example. There is a default configuration (x = 0), and two child configurations (x = 1 and x=2).


Design table:



Here are the equations. Notice that I have the "Default" configuration selected. ten_times_x is as it should be:


Here is child configuration x1. It inherits the Default value of ten_times_x instead of reevaluating with the new value of x:



This is the crux of my problem - I would really like to add child configurations with different x-values instead of copying parts and modifying "x" in each one. When I try updating a child configuration with ["ten_times_x" = "10" * x], it works there, but then all other configurations get this value, whereas I want the equation evaluated in all configurations.