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    Suppress & config. ?

    Joe Kuzich

      Good morning all,


      My question is kind of a multi parter so I can get a better handle best practices.  If I suppress some thing, be it a feature, part or sub-assembly; does SW still have to process that?  What about configurations?  Are toolbox fasteners just parts with a bunch of configurations, where SW has to process each length of a screw when only one length is used?


      The reason I ask is, say I was to create a part for a window I was including in an assembly.  One of the top frame sections would be the same as the bottom section with the exception that the bottom would have some weep holes in it.  Typically we would use hole wizard to make 2 weep holes in one end, then repeat it for the other end, and then pattern one of those ends to get the required number for the middle of the run varying the number based on the length. 


      Now once my assemblies start getting bigger my system lags out hard.  I realize it is probably A LOT to do with how I create my parts, sub-assemblies & assemblies; so I am trying to fix that.


      With my top/bottom frame example, I am not sure the best way way of doing this.  Should I create a configuration so I have one with and one without weep holes?  It is my understanding that SW has to process all of the configurations.  So if I have one configuration without weep holes on top and another one with weep hole on the bottom, SW has to process both config's on top and both on bottom.  Processing the same part 4 times for 2 parts.


      Now if I just did the same part without doing configuration but suppressed the 2 hole wizard features and the pattern that SW would ignore the suppressed features and not process them at all.  Is that right? The problem I would then have to deal with is the B.O.M. would show 2 identical parts rather than identifying the difference.  On this part it would be simple to remember but I trying to figure out best practices in general and may of our parts get more complicated.


      I know thats kind of winded but I hope I explained what I'm trying to figure out and why.



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          Jerry Steiger



          Really good questions, and not long winded at all!  I'll try to answer as best as I can, but I don't write the code, so my answers are highly suspect.


          When you suppress a feature, part or sub-assembly, SolidWorks ignores it completely, as if it never existed, so it should speed up your work to suppress whatever you can. As I recall, suppressing features can actually shrink the memory required for a part as well, although I have to believe that it would not get the memory size all the way down to the part without the feature at all.


          Configurations are trickier. I don't have a really good handle on how they affect load, save and rebuild times. It seems to me that having more configurations does slow things down a bit, but not so much that I am going to minimize my use of configurations; I find them too useful. I have heard that people who have many configurations, meaning hundreds, can have stability problems, but that was many versions ago. 


          I don't use Toolbox parts, but I believe that they are multiple configurations of some set of master parts. I haven't heard of complaints about Toolbox parts causing particular problems with memory usage or load, save or rebuild times.


          One possible workaround for your performance issues would be to have a simplified configuration in your assembly that uses simplified configurations of your parts. That may speed up your work when you can use the simplified configuration. I suspect that it won't significantly impact the performance of your configuration(s) that you use for drawings, but you would probably have to try it to find out.


          Jerry S.

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              Joe Kuzich



              Thank you.  From what I have been reading it sounds like you're right on.  I appreciate the help.


              For the most part I think we will be keeping the parts fairly simple.  In the example I put forth I think it makes the most sense to have a config. for the same part with weep holes so it will show up on the bom clearly. 


              Some of our frames will be cut the same but have different mounting hole locations depending how they are being installed.  Since these are a this way OR that way and won't both be used at the same time int he same job I think we can put both in and just suppress the ones were not using.  Or I suppose at the point they are job specific parts, we could just delete the un-used features just as easily.  Either way I think it would be quicker and easier than creating the feature from scratch each time. Not mention it will greatly help people stay on our standard hole placement and sizing , etc. 


              Thanks again.