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    EPDM and SLDBLK files - Your opinion

    James Parish

      I'm thinking of expanding my EPDM deployment to include a central repository for SLDBLK files for my electrical engineers.


      Has anyone else done this? How have you done it?

      Can you create an EPDM BOM using these files?


      Any other thoughts?




        • Re: EPDM and SLDBLK files - Your opinion
          Jeremy Feist

          we have some blocks we use in our drawings, and we store them in the EPDM vault.


          I can tell you that they are not added to the BOM just by adding them to the drawing, at least with the "link to file" option un-checked (that is how we run)


          I suspect you would need to add them manually - or possibly with an add-in/macro if you wanted them in the EPDM BOM.