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Max column width for BOM Save As .xls or .xlsx?

Question asked by Jason Bardis on Apr 17, 2013

Short story short: I get an error when trying to save an assembly drawing BOM as an .xls or .xlsx file, if the BOM has over 26 columns. Is there a workaround?



Long story short: if I try to right-click & Save As an assembly drawing BOM as .xls or .xlsx file, I get a blank error dialog from SolidWorks if I have more than 26 columns (see attached pic). The process works fine if I have 26 or fewer columns. With 27+ columns in the BOM, I can successfully export to a .csv file, but the columns are no longer aligned correctly when I import this .csv file into Excel.



Long story long: I've created a custom BOM template that includes many empty columns so that I can save it to an Excel format file, then In can easily copy & paste this new spreadsheet's contents into a large existing Excel document & the columns of the spreadsheet saved from the SW assembly drawing BOM will line up with the existing columns in my big spreadsheet. Because I expect to perform this process many times over,I have inserted many empty columns in the BOM to avoid needing to brute force through the formatting every time I perform this operation.



I'm using SW2011SP5.0, Windows 7.


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