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    API - How to get the correct drawing reference from the part?

    Keren Dotan

      Hello all


      I am trying to write a code to retrieve all the drawings of a certain assembly.

      The parts in this assembly have many configurations, each configuration has a separate drawing file.

      I think I can use IEdmReference9::GetFirstChildPosition3 to find the assembly's parts, but the question is how do I find the correct drawings??

      For example, a part has 2 configurations (and accordingly 2 drawings), but only one of them is used in the assembly.

      "IEdmReference7::GetFirstParentPosition2" will return both drawings!

      In the "where used" tab there is an indication if a specific configuration is used in the drawing, I marked it in the attached picture ("sheet1").

      How can I get this information using API?