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    Custom Properties per sheet for a multi-sheet drawing

    Derek Pendergrass



      I have been looking through the Forum and don't believe I have found a solution to my question yet, but I appologize if this question has been addressed elsewhere.


      At my company, we make use of multi-sheet drawings about 90% of the time. When it comes time for approval, stamping, and plotting, someone has the tedious task of going into each Titleblock and editing various fields to accurately represent the drawings status at the time of release. These fields might include, "Layout By", "Release Date", "Stamp Status", etc. If the entire drawing set is at the same point, approved and ready to go, then a single set of Custom Properties for these fields would do perfectly. However this is rarely the case. 7 out of 9 drawings may be ready, so they need their Stamp Status changed to "For Construction", and their release date updated, but the other 2 sheets need their Stamp Status changed to "For Review" and the Release Date set to "--" (or similar). It is not uncommon at all for those last 2 sheets to take several weeks before they are finally reviewed with comments, meaning that another drafter must go in and make the changes, and then release those sheets, this time changing the Stamp Status, Release Date, and now Layout By since someone else is responsible for those drawings.


      I'm guessing that a Macro would be required to perform something like this since I can't make Custom Properties for specific Sheets, just the entire Drawing.


      Any comments or suggestions are welcome.