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    Australian Standard blocks download

    Mark Hopwood

      Hi Everyone,


      does anyone know where i can download australian Standard bolts and fastening blocks for SW2013? things like Hexserts and pop rivets etc.

      any help is appreciated.





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          John Sutherland

          Reality check!


          Presumably you are going to buy in your bolts rather than manufacture them, because you probably could not manufacture them for less than the cost of buying them.


          In which case you don't need manufacturing models, not that anyone would give them out for free, and I question whether you could pick the difference between an Australian bolt and any old bolt representation from the SW toolbox or other source.  That's why SW sells the toolbox to anyone with deep pockets.


          Have you checked that there are Australian Standards for pop rivets?  The ones in my physical toolbox are made in China from soft cheese and there is no mention of manufacturing standard on the packaging.


          What do you reckon?