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Need Task to Convert parts to DXF files

Question asked by Peter Bowler on Apr 16, 2013


just upgraded to SW Premium 2013 SP2.0 x64 on WinSrv08R2 Std.


Trying to get a Task to Convert flat parts to DXF files.  our sourcing department navigates to the part in ePDM vault and right clicks to create PDF DWG etc.


need add DXF to this list of Task Choices.


The current out of the Box DXF convertion task fails (thanks to 2013), I have been able to get a Macro to work but that requires openeing the part, which is not an option (sercurity, Licensing etc.)


I have searched high and low and found many requests for this as well as Macro's that work (Thanks Deepak!!)

but I am wondering if anyone has managed to make the task work.