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    Side the Thread is on

    Ross Braastad

      I am wondering if there is any option in solidworks hole wizard that would tells you what side the thread has been drawn on when dimensioning a print.  When a thread does not go through a part and you are dimensioning a print then you can click on either the front or the back view and get the same callout.  These two ways would however produce parts with threads on different sides. 


      The reason i am asking is because i do not actually draw the parts so i would have to go look at each thread to make sure they are called out from the right side. 


      I would have thought that solidworks would have included a feature like this to avoid mistakes.

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          Paul Marsman


            There isn't anything in the "Hole Callout" by default that will tell you "Far Side" but the fact that the tap is shown as hidden edges would be the clue to the person reading the print that the tap is from the opposite side from the view in question.



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            John Burrill

            In these cases, I prefer to use a section view as the nomenclature in the ANSI Y14.100 isn't explicit about handling thread start from the surface and in any case, you're going to have the tap drill diameter, the thread and then rheam the hole down to the start of the thread, so your callout looks more like a short story.  I'd bet it would take longer to get your head around the meaning of the callout than it would to comprehend the section view-and section views are cheap in SolidWorks.
            That's just my two cents.

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              Mike Pogue



              It's not a bad thought. But I'd just put the hole callout on the correct side--even if I had to add a view. Putting it on the far side is asking for trouble.