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    Warning : 2013 SP 3.0 deleted my custom screws

    Brandon Roeder



      I just upgraded to the most recent service pack for 2013 (I think 3.0) and after restarting my computer, I opened several assembly files to find out that all of my screws were gone. I use a duplicated/custom file located in the toolbox/browser/________/bolts_and_screws folder.  This file has been around for 5+years and more than 100 different screw configurations. This happened to all types (flat, pan, shcs etc..) of screws located in my 3 different folders (metric, english , other) but didn't seem to impact the washers or nuts.  Each folder with missing files had the same time stamp which corresponded to the middle of the installation of the service pack.  Luckily I had everything backed up so it didn't cause me many problems but thought I should warn others.


      I will update this if I notice any other files are missing after this installation.