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How to use a project curve as a path in a path mate assembly?

Question asked by Pierre Henri Maillot on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by Pierre Henri Maillot

Hi everyone,

In SW assembly, I use often the "Path mate" (Mate -> Advanced Mate) in order to constraint a part along one path. I never had a problem to do so in 2D and in 3D by using a 3D sketch.

Recently, I wanted to constraint a bead along a wire (see pictures below). The wire has been obtained with the function "sweep" using a project curve as a path.

project curve.jpgSweep.jpg


In the assembly it seems impossible to use the project curve as a path for a "path mate":

Path mate assembly.jpg


Does someone has an idea why it doesnt work? Is it possible to realise this constraint with others mate conditions?