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Aluminum Bracket Analysis

Question asked by Ameya Wadekar on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Friends and Solid Works Experts,


I have been trying to solve this problem since couple of days and i need some direction from you guys.


This is the bracket on which i am running a linear static study:

(Isometric View)

1013970X-Step 3.JPG


Front View

1013970X-Step 3.JPG


Given below is the schematic of assembly where this bracket is used:




Basically this bracket holds a part through 4 vacumm cups ( on one side) , the total mass of the part is 80 Kg and accelration forces are 270N acting horizontal through each of these 8 vacumm cups. ( I assumed that total mass is equally supported by all 8 cups hence 80/8=10Kg (100N) force acting through each cup)



I basically want to find out if the stress due to these forces are not causing the bracket weld to fail. ( Cause some of these brackets failed at our customer site)