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    Edit Block

    John Sutherland

      My Blocks are made and saved from fully defined sketches.

      When I LC on Edit Block it opens as Under Defined.

      I cannot close the edit.

      I cannot undo the edit.

      I cannot delete the block.

      It seems my only options are to fully define the sketch or close the document and lose changes.


      Is this how you see it?


      Is this what SW intended?


      How did SW see us using the Edit Block option?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm not a block person, but since no one has answered your questions yet, I will give a try on some.


          When you add or edit a block, SolidWorks will add the Blocks menu to your screen. To close the edit, just click on the Edit Block icon, which should look like it is depressed.


          When you editing a block, Undo works as normal. Once you exit the Edit, I think you cannot undo that action.


          Once you have exited the block, and with the sketch still active, you can click on an element of the block and hit Delete.


          I have no idea why the dimensions that fully defined the block elements before you turned it into a block disappear and the block is completely undefined. Perhaps the folks who use blocks more can help us both understand.


          Jerry S.

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              John Sutherland

              Thanks Jerry for cheering up a lonely block user.


              "When you add or edit a block, SolidWorks will add the Blocks menu to your screen. To close the edit, just click on the Edit Block icon, which should look like it is depressed."


              Yes, the Blocks toolbar is present.


              Yes, the Edit Block button appears depressed.


              But LC on it pops up the dialog "This operation requires a fully defined sketch."


              There is a Block Confirmation Corner icon in the top right of the screen, but an LC on it brings up the same dialog.


              Rebuild also pops up the dialog.


              Fully Define Sketch fails to do it.


              There is a seemingly random sequence of LC which will close the block, but it is not documented and is so illogical that it probably could not be.  If anything qualifies as a Bug, then I suggest this does.


              After hearing a presentation on dumb solids, I suspect that blocks are dumb sketches, and thus not fully parametric.  Edit block does not show all the construction that is necessary for defining the profile.


              If I apply the Smart Dimension tool to every element of the block then somehow SW works out what the dimensions are, but not all of the relations, and it cannot get its act together and admit that the block is fully defined.




              I still think Blocks are useful for modularising work, but I found this edit block problem when importing .dxf profiles and attempting to recreate a parametric structure for them.

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                  Deepak Gupta

                  John, would you mind putting a video to show you're playing with blocks and how they're enjoying you. I'm sure something is missing somewhere. Also some sample files will be great.

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                      John Sutherland

                      This part is a successful application of blocks.  It is a rail track loop created by sweeping the profile of the rails around the desired path of the track.  Both the rail profile and track path are complex sketches.  I suggest that blocks are Lightweight or Dumb sketches.  A sufficient shape is present, but the complexity is not.


                      I have no reason to edit these blocks, and if I wanted to I would edit the original sketches and remake the block under the same name.  However SW offers me the option of editing the blocks, so here we go with a default .avi (the only video option in SW 2009) which probably shows only the graphics area so it will be of no value in showing my mouse actions.



                      Well my browser will not play the .avi so tell me what to do next.



                      I made a good movie with Camtasia for publishing to web, and it played well in IE, however:-


                      It made 6 files and this forum is limited to 5 files upload, and

                      The forum tacks .zip to the end of the .html file so my browser did not recognise it as an .html file and the movie failed to play.

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                          John Sutherland







                          The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.