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Creating Parting Surface problem (minimum radius of a corner)

Question asked by Diogo Ribeiro on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by Richard Gergely

Hi everyone


I'm trying to do my first mold (core and cavity), but cannot do it seen I need about 40mm of surface in order to create the "box", but I have this curve here (pic. below) that cannot have a radius beyond 8.42689mm:


2013-04-16 02_13_10-SolidWorks Premium 2013 - [Moldacao.SLDPRT _].jpg


When the surface distance is incresed that is what happens:


2013-04-16 02_19_41-SolidWorks Premium 2013 - [Moldacao.SLDPRT _].jpg


How can I create a surface for this piece?


thank you for your time