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    Relation filter?

    Sid Humphreys

      Afternoon all,


      I am in the middle of a sketch with what seems like a boat load of relation symbols all around.  Is there a way to filter just relations so I do not pick everything else BUT what I want?  I know we do not have a "component filter" but was really hoping for a "relation filter" at least?  I am working with version 2013 if that matters.





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          Glenn Schroeder



          I'm not real clear on what you need, but if the sketch relations are just cluttering up your screen you can turn them off so they only show when you click on a sketch entity.  Will that help?


          sketch relations.png


          Edit:  I just looked, and there is a sketch segment button on the Selection Filter toolbar, if that will help.

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              Sid Humphreys

              Afternoon Glenn,


              I see that I can turn off all sketch relations as to not clutter the screen.  When I have several construction centerlines, dimensions. and actual sketch entities, I want to be able to select one of the relations and NOT the centerlines or dims or sketched entities.  When I RMB I see no select other option there.  The filter segment pick I believe is only for sketched entities that are line segments.  I could be wrong but anyhow, that filter does not work for the relations that I add.


              I hope Glenn I made that more clear.  I can pick faces, bodies, axis, and every other thing but relations and components as far as I can see.  It is totally beyond me why you would not have a component filter even.  But I am klooking for relation.  I appreciate you chiming in.


              Let me know what you think.