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    Capital 'A' problems

    Justin Strempke

      So I have more capital 'A' issues (see first here: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/347043#347043).  This time it's in the solid modeling, on visible planes.  It's done it as long as I can remember, I've just been in the habit to hide planes and haven't noticed them much.  In modeling, it puts a long, text-colored block at every 'A' location.  I've just noticed it seems to duplicate the graphic in simulation, see pics below.  It's aggrivating when I'm trying to do a screenshot and need the planes in there.  They go away when I'm rotating, so I've resorted to rotating very slowly and doing the PrintScreen/Paint method.


      Notice on the first pic how the lower-case 'a' don't seem to be affected, just the 'A's:


      A1 error.JPG

      A2 error.JPG


      I'm running an NVIDIA Quardo 4000 (approved card),  and updated to driver to try and fix the issue.  I haven't tried to roll back to the approved one yet, but does anyone else have this issue?