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Frequency Study - Large Model - "STAR has stopped working" error confusion

Question asked by Joseph Sizemore on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello all,


First time poster.  Here's my situation: I'm running a frequency study on SolidWorks Simulation and - after days of resolving spring and contact errors - I thought I was ready to finally run the study to completion.  Unfortunately, when I returned about 5 hours later to check the progress, I was met with the "STAR has stopped working" error (and accompanying shutdown of the study).  I am baffled on what the problem could be, since NO information whatsoever is given to the cause of the error.


A little background information: I started this model in SW 2012 (not sure the Service Pack number), only to be met with the "contact elements out of range" error, which I learned was a result of a built-in memory limit to the number of contact elements allowed in a study.  This limitation has been removed in the 2013 version of SW.  So, I was able to convince our IT department to let me install SW2013 with the lastest Service Pack (as of today, April 2013).  The assembly I'm studying is quite large.  My guess is there's at least one hundred parts, several hundred virtual springs and virtual pins, and probably one hundred total contacts sets and/or component contacts.  Unfortunately, I do not know of any major "shortcut" I can take (like halving my model and using symmetry).  My plan is to tentatively use the draft-quality mesh to identify areas of interest and refine the mesh after it runs.  With the draft-quality mesh, I'm sitting around 1.5 million nodes.  Out of habit, I always mesh and save before clicking "Run".  I have been able to  successfully mesh thus far.


My machine specs: 

Fresh Install of Windows 7 - 64bit

Dual Xeon W5590 CPUs @ 3.33 GHz


1TB HDD  (I'm NOT doing any kind of network storage for this study, everything is local)

GPU: NVidia Quadro (I'm not sure where to find the model number, but it's a good card nonetheless)

... it's a good machine for this


Just to be clear, I have done some searching and found these posts useful:


Here's a list of what I tried to do to fix my problem, based on the posts I linked above:

1) Change the location of the results folder (to shorten the file path)

2) Deactivate the Simulation Add-In at Startup

3) clean all temp files w/ SW Rx

4) Restart computer

5) Reopen model

6) Reload Simulation Add-In

7) Duplicate study

8) Delete old study

9) Rerun


I pressed "Run" about 30 minutes ago, and it typically takes at least an hour before the STAR box pops up.  I'm going to let this run and check back in the morning to see if anything has happened.  In the meantime, is there something I have overlooked here that would help me better understand the error and (hopefully) overcome the error?