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    Cannot edit card data for files not yet checked into the vault

    Tom Helsley

      Since upgrading the server to 2013 SP2.0, after creating a file in the vault and before checking it in for the first time, users cannot edit the file card data.  Here are my steps:

      1. Create a new model in SolidWorks.
      2. Save it to the vault (don't check it in).
      3. In the explorer view, select the model.
      4. Edit a value in the file card.
      5. Click the "Save" button.
      6. Notice a message that says, "Could not save card data to file..."

      EPDM Cannot save card data.png


      I checked in a 2012 vault, and it doesn't have this problem.  Has anyone else experienced this problem in 2013?  If so, is there a fix?