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    Please flow analysis. axial fan

    Park Sang-Hyun

      We try to direct flow analysis with the file attached.


      More than the result of the total pressure and static pressure calculations.


      What's the problem?


      You have selected the wrong conditions of me?








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          Jared Conway

          what are you trying to acheive?


          as discussed in one of your other topics, outlet mass flow rate/volume flow rate is not recommended. i highly recommend taking a look at the solidworks Kb on this topic. search for outlet mass or rotation to see some really good articles that describe what is going on.


          your choice of boundary conditions doesn't seem consistent with what i've seen. most people ahve environmental pressure on both sides to find out how much a fan flows. or they set a pressure difference with static pressure/total pressure and determine what the flow rate is. you can do the same thing with an inlet mass/volume flow rate and environmental pressure at the outlet (basically reversing the problem) but i haven't seen that as much.


          with the supersonic flow warning, if you've already checked your inputs. i would guess that you haven't followed the recommendations for rotating region mesh.