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    two phase flow in solidworks

    Xinmiao Wang

      Hello everyone,


      Do you know how to run a two phase (water and air) flow simulation within a round pipe using solidworks?


      Thank you very much!

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          David Paulson



          Flow does not support two phase flow.  My best suggestion is to model the air as particles.  I have done this specifically using small spheres which I gave teh attribute of polystyrene foam, or any other user defined solid that would have a density much less than water. 


          This will not compute any interaction that may exist in an actual water/air flow, because the particle calculation is done after the fluid flow is solved.  But I think it works very well if you are investigating water/air separation.

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            Jared Conway

            Like Daniel said, no 2 phase flow in flow simulation. But can you describe your application? There might be some things it can do.