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    Workgroup vs Enterprise vs Adept: PDM for small company

    Justin Arseneault

      Hello all,


      I am preparing a report outlining different PDM options for my company. I have been primarily looking at Workgroup PDM and Enterprise PDM for this. I understand the difference in features between the two, so I'm not looking for a feature comparison so much as opinions as to which is more appropriate for a small company. I am also looking at Adept by Synergis Software, though so far I know less about this product.


      People using SolidWorks:

      • 1 CAD user (myself currently, will be a new employee in a few weeks)
      • 2 supervisors/reviewers (the owners)
      • potentially 3-4 people is sales
      • potentially 1-2 people in purchasing (currently this is done by my supervisors and I)
      • our fabricators also use SolidWorks, so there is potential for sharing drawings with them as well


      We maintain a standard set of models and drawings that rarely go through revisions. We are also gradually building a library of off the shelf parts that require no revion management. For most customer projects, a standard assembly is copied to the project folder and modified as needed. Currently, revisions of customer parts are tracked on the drawings and usually begin after being submitted to the customer for an inital review. A more refined revision scheme would probably be useful. We have less than 10GB of SolidWorks (and AutoCAD) related data, including archives and legacy files.


      What we need to get out of PDM is data security, speed (searches, rebuild, load, etc.), clean folder sturcture with no unnecisary duplicates, revison scheme and room for growth.

      What we would also like, but don't need is workflow automation, searches by custom property and controlled external access to files.


      I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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          Ryan Steven

          If you want external access to files you will need Enterprise, Workgroup does not allow this unless you have duplicate files located outside the vault.

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            Ryan Steven

            We currently use Workgroup PDM & have been looking to upgrade to Enterpise, there are just to many limitations to Workgroup & Solidworks is not updating the software for Workgroup any more.

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              Kip Speck



              In reference to your needs for a PDM system;


              There are a couple core items that it looks like you are wanting information on:

              1. Comments on EPDM vs Workgroup vs Adept.
              2. Cloud services and options.


              I will leave out Workgroup since based on your previous post, you may have ruled it out.  I will also not do a feature to feature comparison based on your previous post.


              First let's look a some fundamental difference between Adept and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (EPDM),

              • SolidWorks owns EPDM, therefor you know the level of support that you will get will be in line with your SolidWorks CAD package.
              • If you have SolidWorks for your CAD package, there are few Adept resellers that support SolidWorks CAD (very well).  You may be stuck with multiple VARS to satisfy your CAD and PDM systems. 
              • If you use Adept, and they decide not to support SolidWorks CAD in the future, you are going to be stuck not being able to upgrade your SolidWorks CAD package. 
              • The integration with EPDM and SolidWorks CAD package is extremely good, and it gets better and rich with each release.


              Now let's look at your Cloud services option: (I will try not to sound like a sales pitch)

              • This is a fairly new option for most companies that are wanting to host their files and data in the "Cloud".
              • Google Cloud services, or any other will offer storage, connections, security, etc..  There are very few that offer a solution around any PDM system let alone EPDM.
              • Please understand that Google is not a CAD/PDM hosting solution.  There are a number of technical issues that you could run into. 
              • What ever information that you need from EPDM or SolidWorks CAD I am confident that we could integrate it with your Google requirements.
              • The ability to host your files, and also implement EPDM the way that your business requires makes the pool of Cloud services even smaller.
              • With EPDM you can have the best of both worlds, Database and Archive servers on separate servers or even in different locations to be able to maximize your connection speeds. 
              • It is not completely about the current number of people in your business accessing the data and files,  
                • It is more about what your companies resources are,  
                  • If you want to have a server or servers for EPDM locally at your business you will need one or more people managing EPDM, Backups, Support, etc.
                • Also what type of users are they, where are they located, are the in the office or do the telecommute?


              Now for the Sales pitch...


              I have implimented EPDM in numerous companies, and have around 15 years experience implimenting PDM in general.   I am confident that if you need help with implimenting EPDM, we at Stratus-X can provide an excelent solution.


              Additionally realizing the need for EPDM and the cloud, we formed a company (http://www.Stratus-X.com).  Richie Yosten and I have been close partners for over 5 years, we have worked together on several EPDM implementations.  TDA (http://www.tdaviation.com/) was one of the first companies that I know of that implimented EPDM in a Cloud environment  I am very proud and happy to say the Richie and I were the architects in the implimentation.  We implemented EPDM over 5 years ago at TDA in a Cloud Environment for a number of the same reasons that you are looking at.  We can and would be happy to do the same for you and your company.  We have 5 years of hosting experience that I do not believe you can find with anyone else.


              We will have a demo vault up and running very soon.  Additionally we will have a Web interface available (not the EPDM Web Client that ships with EPDM).


              Richie or myself would be happy to discuss your needs and what options you have as for EPDM, CAD, and the Cloud.  Please feel free to call us anytime. 214.552.5919 | info@stratus-x.com | http://www.Stratus-X.com



              Thank you


              Kip Speck