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Displaying driven dimensions in a design table (or in a drawing).

Question asked by Graeme Hyson on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by S. Casale

First off, apologies for asking a question which seems to get asked a lot - I still cannot find the answer I'm looking for despite much searching!


I am trying to display driven dimensions from multiple configurations in a design table/on a drawing.  I don't specifically need to display the driven dimensions in a Design Table per se, I just need to display multiple configuration specific driven dimensions in ANY kind of table on a drawing.  It's probably easiest if I just explain what I need to do overall.


We build multiple jigs/fixtures which we then use when fabricating production assemblies, we make a lot of different fixtures because we have high variety product.  At the moment these are made "the old fashioned way" with minimal CAD/Drawing inputs, however due to a large production increase we need to start outsourcing them and hence produce complete drawings.  To speed up the process I'm trying to create a library of common fixture elements (e.g. stock sizes of L-extursion, common brackets, gussets etc.) which you can then use to build a fixture assembly model. 


The plan is to create an assembly incorporating the final part then mate various positioning parts around to build a jig.  I can then drag and drop dowel holes onto the various fixture elements within the assembly.  Since most of the fixture elements share a common basis I am using differnet configurations of single parts (e.g. 15 different length configs of the same L-extrusion with holes in different places).  I am then trying to produce a single common drawing which includes a design table listing the 15 different lengths, hole positions etc.


I can insert a design table into the drawing without issue.  Driving values in the table are shown OK, but I need to show driven values for each configuration (namely hole position) too.  The hole positions are simply defined by 'point and click' in the fixture assembly.  It's not feasible to work out their positions with an equation or similar because the fixtures are all odd/complex shapes.  I'd also like to avoid manually entering values due to the number of parts and the potential for errors.