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Configurations in assemblies

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by Josh Killalea

where i am working at the moment we ar modeling our entire plant. the main model is massive to say the leaset. i am working on a project that is only one small section of this plant and it alone hase 4922 part and assembly files in it.


to work with assemblies of this size i have found it easest to make some configurations in the main models to only show the stuff i am working on. as part of my workflow i have then being using these configs in my drawings to show the detail i need.


thismorning i was informed that configs are unstable and make the file sizes to big to use. i personally haven't come across any issues yet. but the guys here have been using sw a LOT longer than me and i figure they'd know. so the work around they have given me is to create assemblies of just the bits i need to wok in and do my drawings off. but i see this as creating a whole heap more assemblies for no real gain. coming from Inventor i used configs and display states all the time in my drawings and assemblies. but i know this is a different program and i am still getting used to it.


can anyone fill me in on a better way to do this? are configs really as bad as these guys make out? what possible problems does it cause?