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    Simulation ?

    Robert Smith

      Hi there,


      Im semi new to the simulation side of things and im kinda just self teaching myself. Can some1 explain to me (from the pictures) why my wedment frame has spheres to represent the joints in the weldment frame. But when i save the bodies into an assembly they dissapear?


      Can i get those joint markers on my assembly frame or is it just because its a weldment part that they are shown?


      If this is the case how to a represent those joints in the assembly frame? Do i have to go round every joint in the 'Connections' tab and make them again?


      thanks for any input guys and gals

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          Jared Conway

          beams/truss analysis are automatically developed when you have extruded components or weldments.

          since your save as bodies are just bodies, it doesn't know that they are beams.

          try RMB > treat as beam in the simulation tree, parts folder.


          is there a reason to use the save as bodies instead of the weldment part directly?

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              Robert Smith

              Ah yes tht worked fine.


              Em i dont seem to get the advance fixtures list in the weldment frame. it just comes up with basic options. Also i have like padeyes and bearing plates and stuff to add in where the load is transfered through.


              From my own knowledge i thought u cant add parts to a weldment part, as its a part not an assembly or am i wrong?


              Thansk for your reply, thts done the job.

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                  Jared Conway

                  you could use insert part or you could just model them.


                  or best workaround would be to just drop your whole weldment part into an assembly and then assemble the rest of the stuff to it. solidworks simulation will recognize the heirarchy.