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    Problem withISwDMDocument15.ReplaceReference()

    D. L

      hey guys,


      i have some problem with the replace function of the document manager api.


      i tried the following:




      var r = refObject.ExternalReferences;

      if (r != null)
           foreach (var s in new List<string>(r))
                var find = document.Children.Find(x => x.Source.ToLower() == s.ToLower() || x.Destination.ToLower() == s.ToLower());

                 if (find == null)

                _document.ReplaceReference(s, find.Destination);        


      _document =  ISwDMDocument15


      I search fpr External References and the i look up in my object (document.Children) if i have a new path of the reference.

      If i have some new one then i tried to replace the reference.




      old:     C:\Work\test.sldasm

      new    C:\Check\test_123.sldasm


      The new on is the same file like the old on but has a new filename. The Problem is that the function works correctly under windows 7 x64 but when i try it under windows xp x86 then i get

      a com exception


      if i run the _document.replacereference function.



      have some on an idea for the problem?


      with greetings