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File Transfer to iPad (without internet involvement) - eDrawings Pro

Question asked by Chris Beckett on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Dave West

Does anybody know how to transfer files to the iPad, for viewing in eDrawings Pro, without using the internet?

The only methods I've seen so far involve putting files on the cloud, or sending them in an email.


We don't want our new product design files to leave the building.  And iTunes is not considered "secure" from our IT perspective, as far as I gathered.


So looking for more direct solution, ideally via USB stick.  Copy files from pc directly to the memory stick, directly to the iPad.


It might sound a bit pedantic, but I don't know (and can't verify) how secure any internet based file transfer system really is, and I don't want to put my company's sensitive data at risk.  You can drag and drop if you sync the iPad to iTunes, but I don't know how secure that is either.