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Issue with flat pattern not being flat when pulled into a drawing??

Question asked by Eric Zimmerman on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by Eric Zimmerman

Hello  -


I have recently been having problems with flat patterns when I place the flat pattern view onto my drawing sheet. It is very obvious that the view labeld "flat pattern" isn't really flat. I do know however, if I go back to the part model and change the configuration to the flat-pattern, and then unfold, save and back to the default configuration, unfold, fold, save and go back to the drawing sheet and refresh the views it fixes the problem.?? I don't mind doing this for a few parts but I acutally have about 50 drawings to detail and this adds quite a bit of time. My question is, has anyone else ever experienced this or know how to fix the issue so you don't have to play with the configurations?


Thanks for your help.