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Mate issue with an Assembly

Question asked by Joseph Strauch on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by Joseph Strauch

I apologize if this as been answered but could not find any solution in my searching.  We have an assembly that was created in SW2010 and then coverted to SW2012.  This assembly works fine on current workstations and laptops but on our new laptops the assembly will not open correctly and we get a bunch of errors relating to mate problems.  The current machines have the same SW2012 install as the new ones however the new laptops just won't open the assembly correctly.  With the new laptops when the drawing opens it is all distorted.  I strongly believe there is a setting somewhere that we are missing but can't think of where it is at.  I'm not completely familar with SW as I am not a CAD person but IT however we have had some of our CAD guys go over the settings of a good machine and a bad one and they couldn't see anything different.


Has anyone run into this before?  I even checked the SW Hardware Compatability List to make sure we didn't accidentally spec a non compliant hardware part but we are good.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.