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'Initials' colum in revision table

Question asked by Joseph Lord on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by Joseph Lord

I have seen threads that answer this question but it is not working for me!


When we check in a drawing to the vault, we add a note into the notes box to fill in the descriptions box on the revision table. The revison number and date are automatically filled in.

We now require another coloum with the intials of the person who made the modification. So far I have logged into PDM VaultAdmin, Properties, created new property called 'Initials' and then mapped this property between Solidoworks workgroup and Solidworks property.


I then add another coloum to the revision table, but I cannot see 'Initial' anywhere, even under the drop down box for custom.


I actually got this to work once on one part. 'Initial' was available in the coloum properties, when I checked in the part there was an 'initial' box that I filled out, and the description and initial boxes both filled in as expected. I can not get this to work on any more drawings!