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    quick question about flow simulation farming (searched)

    Shane Atienza

      I keep searching for tutorials on this and come up with lots of irrelevant data, havent had luck figuring this out.


      when you do mesh and flow calculations, can i just send it to another computer on the network, or does it have to have solidworks installed? what else do i have to do to enable this?

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          Chris Michalski

          The network computer that you use to solve has to have both a Solidworks and a Flow Simulation license available. 

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            Jared Conway

            Hi Shane, all you need to do is install solidworks and flow, no need to activate or anything like that. The version and service pack needs to be the same and at first I would recommend disabling the firewall on both sides. There are a couple of good articles in the swx kb that might be helpful. Also the basics are in the help.


            No additional license is needed because the license from the client is used.


            My suggestion would be to move your files over and run the analysis with that computer. It will be faster because you won't have to rely on meshing On the client or the network connection. This is a breeze if you have a network license. With standalone you have to transfer from your system and activate on the other.