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    usefulness of folder cards

    Terry Raymond

      We are a project-based company, where each project gets its own folder & subfolder structure.


      I've got folder cards set up to store data for the project.. but it seems like a lot of hassle with no tangible benefit?

      All the subfolders also get their own folder card which will stay blank...

      No plans for other folders in the vault to get a card.

      Folder cards are only viewable by clicking in the file list pane, if you click the folder in the tree, the card doesn't show.


      Seems like a better plan would be to make a project specification document that lives in the root of each project folder.  This doc could have a card attached to it.


      I must be missing something though.  Anyone care to weigh in?  What do you use folder cards for?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Folder cards are good for searching. "Show me every project we've done for customer X", "Show me every project that is using this 208V system", "Show me every project under this special UL certification", "Who is the customer contact for this project, what's his phone number?"


          They can also have notifications if they go past a certain date.


          Lastly, I think they are a good way to populate file card information...file cards can inherit data from their folder cards.

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            Craig Lalumiere

            We use the cards to push data from the folder to all the underlying files. This way the information gets entered once and then gets pushed to the files below. It’s a huge time saver for us. Our folder cards almost duplicate of the Drawing cards so when a drawing gets checked or approved the user enters there info on the card and then pushes it to the files quick and easy. Then when the PDF convert function gets activated after a workflow transition the drawing then gets updated. The nice thing about doing this is every file gets the actual initials when it’s needed, and not done by the drafter when he is creating the drawing.



            We are a one off shop too and the sub folder push lets us release different parts of the drawings at different times with the correct info in it and it becomes a quick reference what sub folder (sub assembly in our case ) is completed and approved.

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              Terry Raymond

              Hey guys thanks a lot.  I have folders set up with a variable driven tab, very clean now.