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usefulness of folder cards

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by Terry Raymond

We are a project-based company, where each project gets its own folder & subfolder structure.


I've got folder cards set up to store data for the project.. but it seems like a lot of hassle with no tangible benefit?

All the subfolders also get their own folder card which will stay blank...

No plans for other folders in the vault to get a card.

Folder cards are only viewable by clicking in the file list pane, if you click the folder in the tree, the card doesn't show.


Seems like a better plan would be to make a project specification document that lives in the root of each project folder.  This doc could have a card attached to it.


I must be missing something though.  Anyone care to weigh in?  What do you use folder cards for?