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    3D sketch plane

      Hi, I'm a relativly new user to SW, having used Pro E woldfire previously.
      How can i move a 3D sketch plane to another location once there is a feature on the plane?
      I have a 3D sketch on a 3D plane I created by offsetting a face. I'm trying to move the position of the sketch but can't access the dimension used to define the plane.
      It seems fundamentally wrong not to be able to adjust the 3D sketch plane.
      I'm running SW 2006.
      Hope you can help.
        • 3D sketch plane
          Is it a user created 3D sketc plane or are you using one of your default planes?

          3D sketch planes are constraint based verses the our traditonal ref planes that are feature based. There is a constraint on the 3D sketch plane (if it is user created) you just need to find it. If you go to View/Sketch Relations and check it, you will see how the plane is constrained. If you want to move it, you can delete (or modify the dim. if it is an offset plane) constraint and move it freely and reconstrain it, even if there is sketch geometry in it. Now if the sketch geometry in the plane is referenced to other geometry off the plane then you won't be able to move it till you eliminate those constraints.


          Mark Biasotti