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Problem with feature works on new install of 2012

Question asked by Joe Perushek on Apr 8, 2013

Hi -


I had to redo my installation of sw2012 due to a reformat and subsequent reinstall of windows 7 X64.   I've updated the install to SP5.0.   When I boot up SW, I get a message of:


Feature Works:

"Solidworks database is missing.  complete functionality will not be available"


But, solidworks fires up without incident.  When I try to use the hole wizard for taps, countersinks, etc, I get an error of:


"Could not find the standards database c:\solidworks data (2)\lang\english\swbrowswer.mdb"



Can anyone help with with this error?  this is a complete refresh install (not an update).  I've never had this error before when re-installing SW.  Any help is greately appreciated.





<ETA>  I found it.  I don't know why the option menu for the toolbox directory was pointing to a directory that didn't exist.  It wouldn't let me change the directory that it was referencing, so i renamed the c:\solidworks data\... to solidworks data (2) and SW seemed to like that.