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    Sid Humphreys

      Heres another if I may please.  I am creating finally adrawing here for the first time and it seems our document people are still working with default comapny templates and all that goes with that.  I am trying to get information or properties of a part to automatically populate the drw.  Particularly things that are part of the document properties.  Description and things like that.  Is there a way to assign a particular command "file properties" to my RMB in part mode?  Should my drw be populated from the properties of the part or properties of the drw?  When I pick properties in both places I get two different dialogue boxes with different info.  I need some direction of where to go to learn about the differences between part properties and drawing properties and the summary tab, configuration spec tab, and the custom tab.  How to interrelate and how drawing can use each.


      Sorry guys for this one.  Essentials is not getting me there.



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          Glenn Schroeder



          I'm pretty sure you won't be able to program your RMB the way you want, but you can access Custom Properties of an active SW file by clicking on this icon:


          properties icon.png


          I think that's pretty easy.  As for the rest of your questions, I'm fairly new to working with Custom Properties myself, but I'll try to help.  I think some people assign part custom properties in their title blocks, but I don't because almost all of my drawings reference a combination of assemblies and parts.  The custom properties in my title block call out drawing properties like drawn date, drawn by, project number, etc.  I use custom properties for parts in notes or balloons attached to drawing views of the parts.


          When in a drawing, you can call out part properties in a note by clicking on the "Link to Property" icon in the Text Format section of the Note Property Manager.  That will bring up a dialog box.  "Current document", which is drawing properties, will be chosen by default, but you can click on "Component to which the annotation is attached", and then click the drop-down to get a list of available properties to use in the note.


          note properties.png


          There is a lot more about properties, too much to put here, and I'm still learning myself, but hopefully this will help a little bit.