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Solidworks Electrical, Solidworks and EPDM

Discussion created by Joe Wilcoxson on Apr 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Luis C. Loredo Bellido

Just wondering if anyone else is using all three products. If you do, what is your solution for storing Electrical projects in your vault, and how have you been using Solidworks Electrical 3D with EPDM? The built in "EPDM Link" is SWE is pretty limited, and certainly no good for companies with hundreds of projects.


Here has been our process:

  1. Work on projects natively in Solidworks Electrical
  2. When finished export PDF and Excel BOM, check in manually to vault.
  3. Archive project, manually check in .tewzip to vault
  4. Delete project from Solidworks Electrical
  5. Unarchive back to SWE from vault when project needs to be updated


We have been completely ignoring the 3D functionality currently, since it seems to be horribly incompatible with EPDM.


Is anyone else doing it a different way and having better luck?