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Need for a new CAD Admin Tool

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2013 by Scott Baugh

Recently I have been trying to setup my Settings File for the users of our company and I found a need to think all Admins would benefit from. Currently to make a settings file you have to setup the system options as you want it to be for all your users and then export the settings to a *.sldreg file. That's well and good if you have 1 group of 20 users and thats it.


In my sitation I have 7 Admin Images one 7 servers throughout the company and each image has a minimum of 3 groups. That means each group on each server gets it very own settings file. Makes for a lot of extra work for me. Not that I do not appreciate working, but Solidworks has made this process far to hard for the CAD Admins that have numerous users they have to support and setup.


My suggestion is for an Enhancement to the Option Editor that would allow the CAD Admins to preview the System options from within the Option Editor or as a menu that is started from within the Option Editor. .

Image 1.jpg

The System options menu that we would see does not look any different than what you would see inside of SW.

Image 2.jpg


Here you can select the options you want turned on or off, set all paths etc... once your done with your selections, simply click the "Export to Settings File" button and you get a *.sldreg file of just the System Options you selected in the menu.


The Tool could also import settings in if you have an old setting from a previous version, which will then allow you to make any changes needed.


Having a Tool like this could or would help prevent an Admin from inadvertently turning off or on a new feature within the options settings. Plus it gives the CAD Admin more power in how its intially setup, since that is the role we each take on. I feel this sort of tool would reduce setup time for all Admins. Its much easier and far better than sifting through the exported registry and making slight changes or going through and changing all your local settings every time to "X" server and export out a Monster *.sldreg file that contains stuff you don't need or care about.



How many other Admins would like to see this sort of tool added to the Option Editor?