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Bringing in a newly rev'ed prt from pcb layout software?

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Roberto Guanom

Hello all,


I am not too sure if this is where I should post this question so please forgive if this is not the place.  I am working with our electrical engineer as he modifys his pcb to my mechanical package/assembly.  As my assembly sits right now before bringing in his new pcb, which by the way, has all his components on it as well, my assembly has no red and all mates are secure and correct.  The asm model is as good as it gets and all prts are mated good.  He modifies a component position on his pcb and then saves the new pcb asm as a prt and makes sure the name he saves it as is the same as what is already in my assembly.  When I go to open my assembly from start up hoping to bring his newly updated assembly in I get the attached error message.  I have no idea what it is telling me.  I am assuming SW knows there is a different rev of the same prt I am trying to bring in.  When I choose "use the prt anyway" Alot of my mates then become red and qare lost.  I get the corect updated pcb assembly but now I have alot of work to do to reestablish all the broken mates.  What can I do differently to make this work.  Should he just name the pcb differently and I just do a replace?  I do not understand why all of the mates are being lost since all of the prts' mates that are being affected are in no way related to the component that moved.  These guys are new to SW as I am, but I know this should not be happening.  We are either doing something wrong on the SW side or he is doing something wrong on his PCB layout software side.  I want and need to get this process of file manipulation and transfer between the electrical guys and us mechanical types straight before we get any further into this upcoming year.  We are all green on SW and them more so on file transfer between different platforms.


In need of some help guys.  AGAIN.