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    EPDM Stability - 2011 vs 2012 or 13?

    James Parish

      So I've been in the throws of rollingout my companies EPDM deployment. We've had to do it slowly because of cost considerations but we have EPDM 2011 SP5, Win7, Solidworks 2011 on all machines but we are having severe stability problems with Windows File Explorer. I have the feeling that this is pretty standard because when we were trained by our VAR, their EPDM would crash File Explorer constantly as well. My current aggrevation is the crash associated with the preview tab (I really don't know the cause).


      So I'm trying to rollout it out to more users but I know I'm going to catch a lot of grief for the stability. My question is should I go through the upgrade to EPDM 2012 or 2013 or try to troubleshoot the crash problems with 2011 SP5 with my VAR? We have the subscription for our EPDM license so we can upgrade at no cost, but our Solidworks license (SW 2011 SP0) is not a subscription so we can't upgrade to newer versions or even get new service packs.


      Thanks for your help.


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          Kurt Lundstedt



          Sorry to hear about your issues.  I would work with your VAR to try and resolve the issue with EPDM.  We do support EPDM running with older versions of SolidWorks up to two prior releases.  So EPDM 2013 is supported with SW 2012, and 2011.  If you having issues with the preview tab for SW files then it's probably related to the connection to eDrawings viewer that used in the Preview tab.  As a test you can try to set EPDM to view the bitmap in the Preview by default.  This is set in Windows Explorer via the EPDM Display menu (Display>Options>Show bitmap for SolidWorks files).  This will show the bitmap image of the file first then will switch to the eDrawings view if you click in the image area.  Many users will have this set by default since it makes browsing files faster when the Preview tab is active.


          I hope this helps.


          Best Regards,

          Kurt Lundstedt

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            Terry Raymond

            Have not had too much trouble with 2013sp2 preview pane. It did hang for a bit while trying to preview a 6mb excel file. I have xls preview disabled because of that. Does 2011 allow you to disable preview for certain file types?

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              David Goode

              Hi James - I belive the problem may be attributed to the GDI objects. Early versions of EPDM did not release the GDI objects, so when using EPDM heavily it quickly reched the limit of 16000 set by Windows. When this limit is reached Explorer will crash, taking EPDM with it. I belive this issue is supposed to have been resolved in 2013.

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                James Parish

                Thanks everyone for your help. To sum up what I've learned:

                1. SolidWorks EPDM 20XX is compatible with Solidworks 20XX, 20XX -1, and 20xx -2.
                2. SolidWorks EPDM 2011 SP5, the last of the service packs for 2011, does not address the preview crash (which is because EPDM does not release GDI objects).
                3. Solidworks EPDM 2013 should be more stable than 2011.
                4. A good workaround for the preview crash is to preview the bitmap for files instead of allowing eDrawings to render it.