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swactwiz.exe causing unattended uninstall to pause

Question asked by Ict Support on Apr 5, 2013



I've deployed SolidWorks Flow Simulation 2012 SP5.0 alongside the main SolidWorks Education Edition 2012 software on an AD network using the following command:


msiexec /i "SolidWorks Flow Simulation.msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks Flow Simulation\" SOLIDWORKSPATH="C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\" ACTIVATESERIALNUMBER="XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX" SERVERLIST=25734@ServerName /qb


This installs fine however, when uninstalling, the process halts with the following message in the Application event log:


A device or program has requested attention. Device or application: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks Flow Simulation\binCFW\setup\i386\swactwiz.exe. Message title: SolidWorks Product Activation.


The uninstall can only be resumed when manually killing the "swactwiz.exe" process which isn't a suitable solution for multiple deployments.


I've added the "ACTIVATESERIALNUMBER" property in the install command so not sure why this process is still present.


Any ideas how I can stop this process from halting the uninstall?